Electrical Inspection

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The purpose of an electrical service inspection from Mahon Services LLC is to ensure that the electrical equipment that has been installed on-site has been connected in accordance with the NEC 2017 code. Additionally, we ensure that any site-installed electrical components related to the home, such as crossovers and lighting, have been properly installed and are functioning. Our electrical service is broken into two parts. The electrical service inspection is conducted when the main electrical service equipment is installed and connected to the home. Then an additional electrical inspection is conducted along with the home's final inspection. We serve Duncan Falls, OH and the entire state.

When to Call for Inspection?

You should call for your electrical service inspection once the main electrical service equipment (such as the meter and disconnect) has been installed and hardwired to the home interior electrical panel. This inspection must be completed prior to the power company installing the meter or energizing the service to the home. In the event that you had an existing electrical service disconnect on the property that was never disconnected you should call for the inspection prior to energizing the home.

What Are We Looking for During the Inspection?

The main things we are looking for during the inspection are that the electrical service is installed to the NEC 2017 and is safe. The following are the main items we are looking for during the inspection, but is not an all-inclusive list:

  • Wire sized correctly for service amperage
  • Minimum #6 solid copper ground from first means of disconnect
  • Minimum 2- 8' ground rods minimum 6' apart 18" from service equipment
  • Service disconnect within 30' of home
  • Four wire service from disconnect to interior panel
  • Three wire from disconnect to electrical service
  • All service conductors must be in conduit when above ground to at least 18' in the ground vertical and 24' direct bury horizontal.
  • Conform to National Electric Code 2017

Types of Electrical Service

There are several different types of electrical service options, however the most common seen with manufactured homes are the pole mounted, pedestal mounted and house mounted options. You may use the pole mount and pedestal mount option on any type of manufactured home installation. The house mount option may only be used when the home is installed on a permanent foundation and the sidewall of the home is made of OSB or plywood. House mount is not acceptable on single wide homes and is prohibited by some electrical service providers on any manufactured home.

Pedestal Service

There are many different types of electrical pedestal configurations, however the pedestal is indicative of both the line in and the line out entering from underground service. This type of system is commonly used in manufactured home parks.

Pole Service

Pole services come in many different configurations as well but are indicative of the line in coming from an overhead service attached to the top of the pole and the line out going underground to the home. This is the most common type of service on manufactured homes installed on private land.

House Mount Service

House mount service can vary to some degree and is the least common installation method with manufactured homes. The house mount method is commonly identified by the meter disconnect being installed on the side of the home. The service cable can come in from underground or unground and from above.

Our skilled inspectors pay close attention to details

We'll check all the essential elements of your electrical systems. That includes your:

  • Wires
  • Circuits
  • Cables
  • Electrical boxes

You can count on us for thorough work that doesn't cost a fortune. Contact our team today to schedule your electrical inspection.