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    Effective Date: 01/10/2005
    Revision Number 2

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    Authorization Agreement

    The Radalink Radon Monitor being used to perform the radon survey of the dwelling referenced below has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for conducting radon measurements. The operator will conduct a radon survey for a minimum of 48 hours according to protocols designed for use in residences, as described in the EPA document, “Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon” (EPA 402-K-00-008). These guidelines were developed specifically to deal with the time- sensitive nature of home purchases and sales.

    The following conditions must be maintained in order to achieve a valid test:

    1.            All exterior windows must be kept closed. Exterior doors must be kept closed except for momentary entry and exit. _

    2.            The “closed house conditions” described above must have been maintained for 12 hours prior to the beginning of the test and sustained all during the test. _

    3.            The radon monitor cannot be moved, covered, or tampered with in any way. _

    4.            High volume, whole-house, and window fans shall not be operated. Fireplaces or wood stoves shall not be operated unless they are a primary heat source. _

    5.            Heating and air conditioning (including permanently installed heat recovery ventilators) should operate normally. Window unit air conditioners shall operate only in the re-circulation mode. _

    EPA recommends that radon measurements conducted for real estate transactions be performed using tamper-detection techniques. Be alerted that the Radalink Radon Monitor is equipped with the ability to detect and record when the monitor is moved and anytime the power source is changed. Hourly readings will record any unusual swings in the radon concentration, temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure. At his discretion, the tester may nullify the test result if it appears that, in his professional judgment, the results are unreliable due to the suspicion of tampering. In that event, the seller may incur the cost of a retest.

    Authorization Signatures

    I, as the undersigned responsible individual, understand all the above conditions and restrictions, and agree to inform all the occupants of this dwelling of the conditions above, and agree to maintain these conditions during the radon test period.


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