Private Well Inspection & Water Testing Release Form

Well Inspection and Test Procedures


    Mahon Services
    P.O. Box 281
    Philo, OH 43771
    (740) 868-9386



    Mahon Services LLC will be conducting an inspection of all visible aspects of the pump and well system, looking for and reporting any and all problems in the electrical, plumbing, along with any unsanitary well conditions. Mahon Services LLC will also perform an analysis of electrical circuits and amperage draw readings. If the system appears to be in good working condition then and only then, will we continue our test. A flow test, if requested, will be performed at the most suitable location as determined by Mahon Services LLC’s agent. The length of time for which the flow test will run will be determined by the purchaser except in instances where the test is limited by the pump’s ability to produce water from the well. Measurements are taken and documented on the System Inspection & Flow Test Report along with all pertinent findings. No work shall be performed on the system without the well owner’s permission. If, at any time during the inspection or flow test we suspect a condition that could damage the well, pump or water system, we will stop work and report the problem immediately. This inspection can and will cease for any reason as determined by Mahon Services LLC at which time charges shall stop and payment will be collected.


    By signing this Liability Release Form, the undersigned agrees and does hereby release Mahon Services LLC, its employees and/or agent representatives from all liability, as well as indemnify and hold harmless any and all liability if for any reason the pump and/or any part of the water system at said property should fail through no fault of Mahon Services LLC’s during or subsequent to conducting the Well Test and System Inspection. Additionally, by signing below, the undersigned authorizes Mahon Services LLC to release said findings to the purchaser of the Well Inspection & Test.



  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • ** Mahon Services LLC cannot be responsible for, nor make any guarantees as to the length of life of the water system or its individual components, after completion of the inspection. Flow test results represent the production of the well with the installed equipment on the day of the test.**

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