Plumbing Testing

Plumbing Testing

  • Both the water supply and the drainage system have been tested at the factory. It is essential that they both be rechecked on site for leaks that may have been caused during transit.



    Installer shall perform the following test and provide results to the Inspector. Inspector may request to be present for these tests.


    Cap off Main Drain under home
    Plug tub/shower drains
    Fill system to level of toilet bowl rim
    Release trapped air in shower and tub and re-plug
    Refill to rim of toilet Let stand for 15 minutes
    Check for water leaks
    Check level in toilet to determine loss of fluid
    Repair leaks and retest Repeat until passes test
    Remove caps and allow system to drain.
  • Note: A HUD home will never pass a can test, also called a bowl test, due to the air admittance valves or Stutter vents that are required under the sinks and lavatories. DO NOT PERFORM A BOWL TEST OR A CAN TEST.
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