Additional Inspection Services

Handyman Services $30/hr $50 Minimum

We know that tending to the repair items on your home or rental property can be troublesome and frustrating. We can take care of your home or rental property repairs and maintenance with our quality, efficient and affordable handyman services.

We can also provide general home services. We can clean your gutters and do power washing, install or replace light fixtures, faucets, toilets or ceiling fans, perform just about any interior and exterior repairs, and with tidiness (leaving no evidence upon leaving). Call us with any general repair list or to prepare a house to rent, sell or make repairs after a home inspection.

Water Testing Total Coliform Bacteria and EColi $120

I will be taking a water sample for laboratory analysis to check for Total Coliform Bacteria and EColi.

Water Testing Total Coliform Bacteria, EColi, Nitrate, Nitrite $130

I will be taking a water sample for laboratory analysis to check for Total Coliform Bacteria, EColi, Nitrate and Nitrite.

Private Well Operational Test $300

I will be inspecting the operation of the well pump and storage system as well as conducting a well flow test. This includes a Free water sample for laboratory analysis.

Private Septic System Inspection and Dye Testing $300

I will be testing the homes septic system for proper operation or failure. This will include septic dye testing. I will be inspecting the tank baffles as well as the sludge and scum layers.


Gas Leak Inspection $120

I will be checking all gas lines and appliances within the home for potential gas leaks.

CO (Carbon Monoxide) Inspection $120

I will be checking the entire home and the area surrounding appliances which use combustible fuels for elevated Carbon Monoxide levels.

Visual Limited Mold Inspection  $130

I will be conducting a strictly visual mold survey looking for signs of mold within the home and mold supportive conditions. No sampling or testing will be conducted.

NPDES Septic System Sampling $250

With this service I will collect the septic discharge sample, measure the dissolved oxygen content and provide the sample to the lab for analysis. This test is only required for NPDES Septic Systems.

Pool & Spa Inspection $150

Your pool and spa inspection will include surrounding walkways and decks, fencing, the pool/spa pump and electrical system, the pool/spa heater and the liner. I will inspect these items for safety and functionality.

Additional Detached Structures $50

If you have any detached structures such as additional garages, barns or other outbuildings I can inspect them as well with or without a complete home inspection.